Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To The One's You Will Never See Again,
To the fleeting one's, to the one's who came and went to fast, to the one's who left on tip toe, to the one's that went out without a bang! to the one's who left no foot prints and bared no shadows.

I saw you but you saw me first. You with wild hair and earthy shades walked on and stood in the middle, at the pelvis of the tram. You looked my way, no hesitation. Walked down my end, sat opposite me. I had my legs crossed tight, tracing fingers over the pattern on my stockings with a million thoughts about you running through my head. You - a stranger. And Me - already a slave to you. With the tenacity to sit and stare, open me up like the book you had resting on your thighs. I liked you already. Body language shook up the dust hovering in-between us, a long dense three minutes of silence, the kind of silence that sings. I stood to leave locking eyes and you smiled, sweet and fearless before vanishing into thin air - dust. I spent the rest of the day trying to hide a smile that hung heavy on my cheek, What If's slipping off the tips of my eyelids like warm rain. Other strangers passed, wondering, guessing what unknown pleasures lay clenched between my teeth and lip.

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