Friday, July 9, 2010

Secret show at a friends house that evolved into open mic, turns out there were some very haunting voices in the room.

Listen more here

photo story by Freya Esders

Arresting. is the word that comes to mind. When he is up there singing his song everything stops. If he were at the center of a clearing in the woods, the winds would cease - Mother Nature holding her breath. The room caves into the contours of his posture, the silence stops to listen. You're like a Buddhist submitting to the void. But more than that because your still feeling everything because he's feeling everything, feeling the vibrations on a higher frequency like those people who have that condition called 'Synesthesia' where you can see sound in colours and its like rainbows exploding in the room cause its loud even when he whispers. Especially when he whispers it feels loud, loud in the way that it has all your senses pricked and your eyes wet. Loud and fucking colorful.

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