Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Over our sky, no cloud ever passed
- Nietzsche

A friend of mine once said that she had no desire for children because they were 'like little drunk people.' In any normal case this would have seemed like a nihilistic statement, however when she said it in her Leeds accent, the words rolled off her tongue with a soft curve, like she was expressing some deeply pondered philosophy about the intoxication of childhood. Her statement, along with the many other elitist doctrines that she often discussed, always stayed with me. Whenever I experience a childlike moment; running into the water with all of my clothes on or stripping off my boots and inhibitions to dance like no ones watching, it makes me wonder what happens to the human spirit when it matures? Whilst wading through the murky waters of adulthood do we leave a certain part of ourselves by the wayside? and are we able to tap into that 'little drunk person' in dire situations when we desperately need to re enchant ourselves? So, in light of this thought, I solute the child..'to you who are intoxicated with riddles, who take pleasure in twilight, whose soul is lured with flutes to every treacherous abyss' - Nietzsche

Friday, March 26, 2010

Artwork by Leif, see more here.

Tame Impala at Golden Plains

Nick cave once said, 'I stepped into the abyss and it was only knee deep.' Tame Impala left me neck deep.With a switchboard of pedals at their disposal the sound was amplified with a surrealistic buzz reminiscent of hard fuzz rock from the 60's and soft psychedelic rock from the 70's. The strobe lights glowed violent pink, igniting the stage like a flare gun. Rain poured down, catching the ripples of distortion in each drop and leaving a pool of tremendous noise for the crowd to splash around in. Everything moved in perfect synchronization, like a sail catching in the wind, launching into uncharted depths, provoking a new type of listening not yet synthesized. And even now, If I close my eyes, I can feel the vibrations seeping into my minds-eye and showing me just how deep the rabbit hole goes..
ordinary people waited till life disclosed to them its secrets, but to the few, to the elect, the mysteries of life were revealed before the veil was drawn away - Oscar Wilde

Golden Plains

You know that electric feeling that curses through the air just before it storms? I think that festivals of this kind have mastered the fine apothecary of bottling that intoxicating energy. In a place like this even the dirt caught underneath the sole of your boots seems holy. Life slows down to catch your breath and take it away. Everything is smoother around the edges. Everyone caves into the contours of each others posture like a jigsaw falling into place.
Jack Ladder

3 nights in a row bats filled the sky, like falling stars on the dark side of the moon.

Dear Earthbound Ghost
Living in a twelfth dimension
Shadow without a shell
Where was I when you fell
From space
Faded into dust.

Dear Earthbound Ghost
Afraid to materialize inside your armour
Moping like a war widow
Why won’t you unveil
The depths of your dent.

Dear Earthbound Ghost
Introduce me to the people in your twelfth dimension
So I can gag and bound them shut
And you can open up
The doors of your perception.

Dear Earthbound Ghost
Roam again with me
In the desert of the real
So you can exist
Like me, undreamed.