Friday, March 26, 2010

Artwork by Leif, see more here.

Tame Impala at Golden Plains

Nick cave once said, 'I stepped into the abyss and it was only knee deep.' Tame Impala left me neck deep.With a switchboard of pedals at their disposal the sound was amplified with a surrealistic buzz reminiscent of hard fuzz rock from the 60's and soft psychedelic rock from the 70's. The strobe lights glowed violent pink, igniting the stage like a flare gun. Rain poured down, catching the ripples of distortion in each drop and leaving a pool of tremendous noise for the crowd to splash around in. Everything moved in perfect synchronization, like a sail catching in the wind, launching into uncharted depths, provoking a new type of listening not yet synthesized. And even now, If I close my eyes, I can feel the vibrations seeping into my minds-eye and showing me just how deep the rabbit hole goes..

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