Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Over our sky, no cloud ever passed
- Nietzsche

A friend of mine once said that she had no desire for children because they were 'like little drunk people.' In any normal case this would have seemed like a nihilistic statement, however when she said it in her Leeds accent, the words rolled off her tongue with a soft curve, like she was expressing some deeply pondered philosophy about the intoxication of childhood. Her statement, along with the many other elitist doctrines that she often discussed, always stayed with me. Whenever I experience a childlike moment; running into the water with all of my clothes on or stripping off my boots and inhibitions to dance like no ones watching, it makes me wonder what happens to the human spirit when it matures? Whilst wading through the murky waters of adulthood do we leave a certain part of ourselves by the wayside? and are we able to tap into that 'little drunk person' in dire situations when we desperately need to re enchant ourselves? So, in light of this thought, I solute the child..'to you who are intoxicated with riddles, who take pleasure in twilight, whose soul is lured with flutes to every treacherous abyss' - Nietzsche

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