Monday, July 11, 2011

There is a missing link between the heart and mouth. Language has cured our silence but left an open wound in its place. What tools of the body do we have to speak from the inside out? What poetry allows the sensation of two bodies becoming one? How can you truly write what it is like to feel yourself blurring into the flesh of another. When you are feeling open and receptive enough the wall between the self and the other falls and you can feel just how hopelessly entangled all things are. Some of the purest conversations I've had have been spoken with the body and the eyes. If you open someone up from the eyes there is a tunnel that will lead you straight to their middle earth, that place where all things unfold. Here lies the nectar of truth, but by the time it leaks into the mouth most of the nutrients is gone. And by the time it spills onto paper it will be like reading invisible ink.

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