Saturday, July 30, 2011

I feel like I could stay awake for days.
There was a time when I conspired against sleep because I thought it was a social control tool. If no one slept I'm sure there would be many more lunatics around. Creative lunatics. When the batteries in your brain are starved for a while you begin to naturally hallucinate. And we all know the best ideas come from vivid hallucination. You see your wildest dreams (or nightmares) play out in front of your eyes. My feelings about sleep change from day to day depending on which world I am enjoying more, the real world or the dream world. You can become dangerously good at dreaming, so good that you start confusing your mental landscapes with reality. You can get lost inside of your dreamscapes and this is all well and good until you start missing the weight of the mortal realm. There is something grounding about this three dimensional space we call home, it bears a heaviness and sincerity that is equally as satisfying. The flight of imagination is a joy ride but sometimes you want the real stuff, the stuff that makes your insides splinter into a million pieces, because that crushing sensation reminds you just how fragile it all is.

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