Friday, June 24, 2011

I am learning that the only constant thing is change. You cannot attach yourself to the past otherwise you will live your life in present-retrospect. And when you get all caught up in retrospect you begin to question the sincerity of your feelings that were present in a moment that has now passed. I think the trick is to allow that moment its time and allow the person that you were in that moment to exist in the past and remain unaffected by times bent. You are in a constant state of flux and you will never be the same self that you are right now, never ever again. Enjoy being fully present in your shape, indulge in it, because it will break and shatter and reincarnate itself with the urgency of a cyclone. The impermanence of the universe is a beautiful thing, you never know whats round the next bend until you're hurled into the jaws of it.

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