Friday, December 10, 2010

Some people know how to live. It is not a thing that can be taught or learned or bought. It seems like a simple concept, find what makes you happy and do it. Some people will spend their entire lives hesitating like a waterfall before its plunge. In a world that is driven by control perhaps the hardest thing to do is to lose it. I think there are two kinds of cognition that determine our actions, the first is rationality and the second is passion. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given was from my philosophy lecturer who advised me to have an ego but not become addicted to it. What he meant was for me to indulge in the highs (and lows) of this reality but to realise that I am able to transcend everything, to let everything go when I need to escape the clasps of realism. Later on one of my favourite authors advised me to do everything with passion but with detachment. I see this as my life mantra. When I say detachment I am not talking of distance or coldness but more so of what my lecturer meant, which is that all things can be indulged passionately but you must not become addicted. You must always want the kick but not need it. Because if you need something than you become plagued by the fear of losing it and the desire to control it and the passion that once existed is scattered into sharp fragments of its once smooth form.