Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sometimes when I'm trying to sleep my body wakes me up in tiny electric shocks. zap! Minor convulsions snapping me back into my body after a journey elsewhere. The electric shocks come every night for weeks at a time then leave me all of a sudden. This time I wake up remembering someone telling me that these little shocks are your spirit snapping back into your body. I imagine myself lying there, swallowed up in silk sheets like a black whole, while my spirit-body (slightly transparent with a pearly lustre) stands up and wanders away. And then I start thinking about how this happens to me a lot in my imagination in waking life. Like when I'm standing next to someone and collapse into a day dream. I pull them close, sink into them like a hot waxed seal on the tip of a forbidden letter. Then snap back into my waking, non-transparent body, disenchanted and now quivering with pearly (lust)re.

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