Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm living in at least 12 different worlds at once. It's good and bad, bad in the way like when you're trying to multitask, when teeth brushing and typing becomes counter-productive because you need your mind to be synchronized otherwise you loose your rhythm. I'll be reading with headphones on, subconscious listening, feeding my head with subliminal sound while my eyes - hungry and conscious, walk over the words, devour the page and while all this is happening I'm thinking about someone. Not one of the fictional characters of the novel but one from my life (also questionably fictional depending on your ontological view of reality). So I'm feeding the brain sound, pouring words into my eyes while my thoughts of You are hovering above my body like dark angels or devils or both. This is when I flip over from my back to front and scribble with a fiendish compulsion because I need a solid medium to merge sound, fiction, words, ideas in one place and it all comes out. Implosion - explosion and all the sub-atomic shards come falling over top of me like fireworks and I'm covered in hot sparkles.

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