Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the gold coast, silver when it rains

Awake at 7am from the light leaning in through my eyelids, rousing my senses one at a time. Hearing returns, the sound of waves crunching at the shore, the smell of thick air - thicker that down south, closer to the ground or something, tighter around you, heavy. Sun against my skin through the too wide window with too thin blinds. Taste of coffee, ready and waiting with those who woke before me. Spring out of bed with energy and idle time to kill. Dressed without a shower, saving the first caress of my naked body for the ocean. Take the stairs, in no rush. Slink through the cafe at ground level, share a moment with an old man reading the local rag, drinking his cappuccino - getting his kicks for the day. Cross the road barefooted and kick my toe - no matter. First grains of sand between my toes and I sink a centimeter or two below ground and it feels good to be immersed in something. Walk 500 meters with cold foam at my heels begging me to come play. Climb the black rocks, dark like midnight staining the palm of my hands. Get to the top of the cliff and sit down cross-legged in the grass, chest open, eyes shut, catching my breath. Open my eyes and whoa - infinity. Infinity folding into itself with one silver crease down the middle like a scar, grotesque and beautiful at once. That line where the sky and sea meet seems to go on forever, like peering into an abyss and I feel terrified and yet deeply calm to see no end. To know no end.

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