Sunday, June 6, 2010


Ripe & Ready to Eat

The Infinity Mushroom

I have an all new appreciation for The Fall, where everything looks as though it has been lit on fire. I experienced the true meaning of 'the golden hour' up here in the Dandenong ranges. High altitude always puts me in an immediate state of awe. After the sun had sunk I want to say that it looked like a painting but natures beauty precedes that which was later synthesized by man and his paint brushes, so I will just say that it looked like nature - in all of her glory. It confuses me why we try to simulate things that were handed to us on a silver platter, on a silver globe with all of the riches we have ever needed ready and waiting to explode from the ground beneath us. Instead, we chose an edited book, a hyper-real world where everything is as it seems (and if you hit the right button on the remote you can see it from every angle).

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