Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'The poet ranks below the painter in the representation of visible things, and far below the musician in the representation of invisible things'
- Da Vinci

I wonder what it is about music that makes it so otherworldly. Especially when you hear it throb and hum around you so close that you can feel the vibrations pulsating into your bone marrow. There is a theory that in our next stage of evolution we will all become consciousnesses; body-less, transparent spirits. And that instead of using language to communicate and attaching infinite meanings to our otherwise meaningless words, we will simply feel one another (like psychic communication). I think that right now, music is as close to this next stage of evolution that we can get. It seems to me to be the only medium that favors feeling over a more logical form of communication. When you feel something from a song, it's like you can finally understand that feeling in it's completeness, like it is clear and pure for the first time. I wish I could explain this more comprehensibly but a part of me is glad that I can't because it is far too delicate for words. But you have felt it. You know. Music is like magic, something that transcends our comprehension. It is a phenomenon that opens us up to a higher state of consciousness. Like tears rising to the eyes, it moistens the windows to the soul.

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