Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Sunshine, blue skied 'n' clear

'Form your eyes by closing them.
Let the dreams you have forgotten equal the value of what you do not know.'
- Andre Breton

Did you know that we harbor more memory cells in the heart than in the head. Perhaps that is why you feel a pull deep in your chest when something moves you. Scientists discovered that people who have had heart transplants have adopted facets of the previous carriers personality traits. So all of the heart shaped symbolism and all of the cliche's found in romantic poetry have come from a place of science and physics. Chinese medicine teaches that each organ in the body is connected to a particular sense, for example the spleen and the lips, the heart and the eyes. In Chinese medicine the heart is home to a life force energy that contains the conscious and subconscious mind, and also a connection with the collective consciousness (an energy akin to thought that connects everyone and everything in the universe on a psychic plane). When you stare into the eyes of another, perhaps you are both partaking in a kind of subliminal hypnosis, perhaps you are communicating and understanding one another above and beyond a normal state of consciousness. So if you really want to understand someone, look into their eyes - they'll speak volumes.

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