Monday, June 21, 2010

A friend was explaining to me that the doctors told him that his heartburn was caused by indigestion. Indigestion of the world around him? Or perhaps indigestion of the world inside of him? that infinite world which is constantly trying to make sense of all the dense layers that make up our reality. Humans are simultaneously experiencing 5 different senses at once. Imagine your sitting down opposite someone. You can see the soft creases in their skin, brush your hand over it and feel the follicles rise and fall in waves, smell the perfume they always wear, taste them, hear the hum of their voice – a familiar song. Now place this sensory experience in the context of the world around you - the passing traffic, the wind, the labyrinth of streets surrounding you, the jigsaw pattern the streets create on a map of the city, the city amongst thousands of other cities, cities like bulbs lighting up the earth, the earth hanging amongst the constellations, the constellations rolling out across the galaxy, the galaxy folding and creasing into other dimensions just like the soft creases that you first noticed on the skin of the person sitting opposite you. My body quivers at the thought of how beautifully dense our reality is. So if ever your heart burns, don’t fret, relax and enjoy the physical effects of digesting the world around you.

‘That is the secret of poetry, we burn in the landscape that moves us.' - Milan Kundera

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