Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last Night the Sun Was Dressed as the Moon,
a Warming Globe in a Costume.


  1. Thought you might like this


    I want to swim in the deep deep river of life...

    Bask and float on the glistening surface in the morn,

    Paddle and wade in the shallows after noon

    And stand in it's centre at midnight sky clad.

    It's soft lapping rhythm of the banks,

    Will then send me off to a sweet surrender of sleep,

    In which my dreams have no limits and my true self,

    no boundaries.

    When i wake...

    But before the heaviness of consciousness is upon me,

    The river will whisper in me it's secrets and wisdom that somehow,

    I already know.

    Then the river and I will see ourselves not as separate spheres

    But instead feel ourselves merging

    And see the beauty

    That really we were one all along.


    x River

  2. We were one all along - collective consciousness, I had a talk to my friend over breakfast about it. It is a beautiful thing, a fine art. So essential to our being. To me, everything vibrates on the same frequency, be that river or human. Lovely words Romy, are you from Melbourne? Australia? I feel like maybe i should know you (aside from in the collective consciousness way) but your blog alias doesn't give anything away.