Sunday, May 9, 2010

'Fuck Facts. Fact: It is indeed possible that there is no such thing as a fact. Facts. Fuck'em, there are no fucking facts; merely untruths masqueraging as definites.'
- Dan Rooke

'Subject, quote Dan unquote... I have never seen someone smoke a cigarette like he's sucking Jesus through a straw'
- Frank Boyce

Dumb Luck & No Loneliness
by Adrian Lawson

Poetess and novelist, Cathy Cole, took myself along with a small group of writers to Saigon in Vietnam to work on a collaborative writing/design project. After much ado, this exhibition was created in homage to our outlandish experience there. Only one of us had had previous experience as an exhibition artist so our most natural instinct was to write over everything and anything, rolls of typewriting paper were draped from the ceiling and herds of miscellaneous scribblings were scattered across the floor. When I walked inside of the space I could hear 7 different voices, 7 different stories, speaking to me all at once. Like when you're listening to the radio and the signals cross over and you hear several different songs morph into one harmonious tune.

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  1. Beautiful photos Shannon, you captured the exhibit perfectly. I love the quotes.

    I felt like I could experience a part of it. (Your trip.)