Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Behind the scenes of Academy for Men magazine shoot for Winter 2010 issue, out soon. See previous issues here.

Eagle feathers, leather boots, ponchos, fur, swaggering attitudes and an endless yarn of colored wool were the tricks of our trade and Ben with his magic wand, that, with a single punch of the finger captured the essence of a moment. One blinding flash and the satisfying crunch of a camera shutter and we were imprisoned in his memory card. Within that card lies a myriad of impressions bound only by your imagination; a feeling, a journey, a story, another world that once existed in the minds eye of a single person and has now been brought to life. There is nothing more rousing than sea air to get the creative blood cursing through your veins again. We fled to the ocean. In the trustful arms of Mother Nature and the artists behind Academy for Men magazine, dreams were brought into fruition.

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