Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's The Night Before I Fly to Vietnam. I imagine the air to smell thicker, richer. A mix of humidity, sweat and spices. It will look a different color; the suns hues will be more over exposed than Melbourne. Everything will taste like coriander and basil and chillies. The sound of cars and motorcycles will buzz constantly and there will be perpetual vivacity. The city will be quiet as the day burns away and when the sun begins to set a cool breeze will swim through the streets sweeping a crowd of people with it. We will flood into the streets with butterfly’s in our stomachs because there is no better feeling than being in another country for the first night, it is a confirmation, an awakening to the fact that home is oceans away and wherever you are now, you are a nomad, a vagabond; you are boundless.

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